Business Services

What LORAC Management Does for You


LORAC offers a variety of services including bookkeeping and income tax as well as consultation for clients and financial counseling.

Monthly accounting management, bookkeeping, and financial reporting

We handle all of our clients’ financial reporting, keeping them well organized and government compliant.

Taxes, Planning and Advice

LORAC is your local small business tax specialist. We take care of it all, income tax, payroll tax, sales tax, any tax.

Business Advice

LORAC is always available to answer questions and provide sound business advice that gives our clients a competitive advantage.

Payroll Services

LORAC payroll service offers you a way to simplify the payroll process and that will free up time and money to let you run your business.

Commissioner of Oaths

LORAC Management has staff who authorized to take your oath or solemn affirmation when you sign an affidavit or a statutory declaration.


Let LORAC Management help you, so you will have more time to do what you do best – growing and maintaining your business.